Oasis guitar humidifier product review

More of a Product WARNING than a Product Review Oasis Acoustic Guitar Humidifier      An appropriate level of  humidity is an important factor in caring for your acoustic guitar and there are many methods and products available to facilitate these conditions. The hyperbole on Oasis’s website addresses this quite eloquently… As described by Oasis on their website: Read More →

  Yeah sure, we got that!  Highest quality part! Best deal! eBay Guitar Parts from China This isn’t really a review… This is more like whipping a dead horse that I’m pretty sure we can all agree is dead and not coming back to pull the cart anytime soon. These pickups sell for less than Read More →

Not Right in the Head

 Honest Product Reviews So… I started reviewing products a while ago… Namely DIY Guitar kits and Stuff… Trouble is I started doing this on a professional site and now I outrank everyone for stuff that has nothing to do with business. The reason I started this was almost every product review I’ve ever read is bent Read More →