Ello, I must be apologizing,  is-iz Jeff… Owmight ib’ee elping you t’day? … JEFF?… Bull$h1t. Are You Wearing a Turban? About the worst thing I can think of happening is finding you have the need to call tech support, customer service or pretty much any corporate service that has been farmed out to the “3rd world”… I Read More →

Fleas at Motel 6

Fvcking Blood Sucking Bugs… Woke up, and thought I was going to die… The Fleas of Motel 6 Staying in cut-rate motels sucks in the first place… The decor is like an assault and the beds are usually junk but hey… It’s better than sleeping in a car isn’t it? I wish I had slept Read More →

I hate driving in parking lots and from there I get this really bad feeling for people in general (especially Toyota Prius drivers) and from there my day goes down the drain. I was going to tell you about malnutrition but… Parking Lots Are Deadly So after the 6  M&Ms  I ate for breakfast I really Read More →

And out come the Ducks

Duck vs the Madman Part 2 At 17,  it seemed to me that the solution to all my problems was to change my attitude and the way I looked at things… That in itself I suppose is a pretty mature thing to occur to a 17 year old… Trouble was I discovered that drugs would do this with little Read More →

Okay… I’m about to tell you some crazy shit. The name of the game is: You Can’t Win I’m not a pessimist… No, really… I’m a bankrupt optimist. I have found in the past 22 years I’ve been off drugs and drink that this is pretty much all a crazy game of skill and chance Read More →

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

My Dead Mouse My old mouse died and it’s carcass is rotting in a drawer so I got a new one… But here is the thing:     Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 GMF-00014  1 x Wheel USB RF Wireless BlueTrack Mouse…Comfort and Style on the Go… Comfortable in Either Hand  Use your mouse with your Read More →

Doctors are not right in the head

 Prologue: There had been this 1965 Volkswagen sitting in the shop for a couple of months… The Boss was supposed to be working on it and as is his custom he was lagging.  It was typical Wednesday at the hellhole but I was very exited because it looked like the nasty bug was well on it’s way to being done and Read More →

No need to yell

We all know it… Guitar Center Sucks… GC is like the Wallmart of the music world… Corporate Amreika BS and all but this particular bit of BS really bent me out of shape. Guitar (Totally Sucks) Center So here is my story: I was in the market for a 12 string acoustic… Basically so I could make Read More →

Deadly foam packing peanuts

  You see… I have this box.   It is the perfect size to temporarily store some finishing supplies for this guitar I’m working on…   However…   It is infested with… Statically Magnetized Foam Packing Peanuts   Holy $h1t!!! … These things are climbing up the sides in order to get out of the box… And nothing is going Read More →