blog as a weapon

Lets say you have this fairly popular blog and someone comes along and pi$$es you off… This is one way to call in an airstrike. WMD Blogging Aside from p0rn distribution, propaganda and one hell of a way to waste time the Internet can be used as a powerful weapon in the fight to trash your enemies.  Beware Read More →

Earth First, We'll Strip Mine the Other Planets Later

It was just one of those things… I was driving behind a VW Micro Bus with an “Earth First” bumper sticker… I almost couldn’t breath from the exhaust fumes billowing out of the 45 year old pile of junk. Earth First… We Can Strip Mine the Other Planets Later.


People who used to know me in my drinking days would tell everyone I had *Tourette’s syndrome in order to keep me out of fights Grossly Inappropriate Humor   The things that make me laugh… I don’t even think they are funny in the real world…  But, in my head?  It’s a riot. What can I say… I’m deranged. Read More →