juggling cats

And Other Really Bad Ideas typed out on a really nice keyboard Corsair Vengeance K95 Are you old as dirt? – Do you miss your IBM Selectric? … Well I got the keyboard for you.   “You’re good. The K95 is better.Vengeance K95 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made for serious gamers. Cherry MX Red Read More →

the zombie apocalypse

  This started out as a product review of the Mako Fab AGMF500 FK M4 Folding and Collapsible Buttstock for the Mossberg 500 shot gun and I promise I will come around to that.  However…      Zombie Apocalypse Survivors   Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t do television, subsequently I had no clue there is a Zombie Apocalypse on the way… I found Read More →

Hanging upside down

I woke up this morning… Wait, umm… I woke up this late afternoon cursing the cruel and uncaring universe I exist in… I thought I’d done everything right, I got a career, I worked like a dog I saved my money… I’ve done this for the past 30 freakin’ years and… My reward was? An L-5 Read More →

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

My Dead Mouse My old mouse died and it’s carcass is rotting in a drawer so I got a new one… But here is the thing:     Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 GMF-00014  1 x Wheel USB RF Wireless BlueTrack Mouse…Comfort and Style on the Go… Comfortable in Either Hand  Use your mouse with your Read More →

Cooler Master X Dock

Building a computer specifically for digital photography post production turned out to be quite the endeavor. This took many hours of research and many more hours of testing systems and forensic analyses of the system this computer was to replace. In looking at the shortcomings of the old system and computers available “off the shelf” it became apparent that what Read More →

light up your liquor

So… I’ve been sitting around with a blown out back… More specifically: an L4-L5 Desiccative Annular fissure or tear and an L5-S1 Desiccative Disk left lateral Disc protrusion extending into the left neural foramen impinging upon the left descending nerve root … I may tell you what it was like being an extreme claustrophobic in an MRI soon… But I’m still hyperventilating. Anyway, Read More →

Oasis guitar humidifier product review

More of a Product WARNING than a Product Review Oasis Acoustic Guitar Humidifier      An appropriate level of  humidity is an important factor in caring for your acoustic guitar and there are many methods and products available to facilitate these conditions. The hyperbole on Oasis’s website addresses this quite eloquently… As described by Oasis on their website: Read More →

Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer Review

For the last several guitar kits and refinish jobs I’ve done I put away my spray rig and used “rattle cans”… I did this just for you. The Best Spray Can Nitro Lacquer    Nitro refers to Quick-drying solvent-based lacquers that contain nitrocellulose, a resin obtained from the nitration of cotton and other cellulostic materials, they Read More →

I'm not right in the head

I think I understand now how it is people get run over all the time using these things…     Sony Walkman 8 GB E354 Video / MP3 Player     I honestly don’t know what possessed me to buy an MP3 player at all… I was the only one of the family that didn’t wander around Read More →

  May I introduce to you the woman of my dreams: Mrs. Idiot… The girl just crazy enough to marry me.  She puts up with my shenanigans… She cultivates coconuts.  And now,  she speaks out on…. Feeding the Village Idiot…and the Coconut Heads Or  So… What Foods Won’t Kill You?   It’s quite sad how Read More →