Hanging upside down

I woke up this morning… Wait, umm… I woke up this late afternoon cursing the cruel and uncaring universe I exist in… I thought I’d done everything right, I got a career, I worked like a dog I saved my money… I’ve done this for the past 30 freakin’ years and… My reward was? An L-5 Read More →

  May I introduce to you the woman of my dreams: Mrs. Idiot… The girl just crazy enough to marry me.  She puts up with my shenanigans… She cultivates coconuts.  And now,  she speaks out on…. Feeding the Village Idiot…and the Coconut Heads Or  So… What Foods Won’t Kill You?   It’s quite sad how Read More →

Dunlop 65 Guitar Cleaner / Polish

Best Guitar Care Products I get asked about this all the time… What’s the best guitar polish? Who makes the best fret board oil?  Well, after 30 some odd years of building, setting up and playing guitars, I’m going to let some little secrets out…  Guitar Cleaners and Polish Reviews  Good: Dunlop 65 Guitar Polish Dunlop 65 Read More →

Okay… I promise: No Blow Job Jokes. Vornado 530 Fan Living in Southern California is an adventure and I’ll tell you why… You wake up at 7:00 am in the middle of the fall and it’s already 78 degrees outside and you’ve pretty much had enough of belly flopping naked into a pool of sweat at 3:00 am because Read More →