I'm not right in the head

I think I understand now how it is people get run over all the time using these things…     Sony Walkman 8 GB E354 Video / MP3 Player     I honestly don’t know what possessed me to buy an MP3 player at all… I was the only one of the family that didn’t wander around Read More →

Micky Mouse is Anoying

I Hate Cartoons… How is it that a 3 year old can watch the same DVD 12 times in a row? I swear to God if I hear the theme music to Disney’s “Cars” one more time I’ll rip my own brain out with salad tongs. Cartoons Make You Crazy  A cartoon is a form of two-dimensional illustrated visual Read More →

One Day 2011 Movie Poster

I don’t usually do Movie Reviews… I leave this to my friend Sasha Stone of Awards Daily However… This film moved me. Film Review – One Day (2011) PG-13  It’s rare that I see a film that moves me… Hmm… Moves Me… Movies. At any rate I was rather bored on a Saturday night and a Read More →