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And Other Really Bad Ideas typed out on a really nice keyboard Corsair Vengeance K95 Are you old as dirt? – Do you miss your IBM Selectric? … Well I got the keyboard for you.   “You’re good. The K95 is better.Vengeance K95 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made for serious gamers. Cherry MX Red Read More →

Cooler Master X Dock

Building a computer specifically for digital photography post production turned out to be quite the endeavor. This took many hours of research and many more hours of testing systems and forensic analyses of the system this computer was to replace. In looking at the shortcomings of the old system and computers available “off the shelf” it became apparent that what Read More →

  Yeah sure, we got that!  Highest quality part! Best deal! eBay Guitar Parts from China This isn’t really a review… This is more like whipping a dead horse that I’m pretty sure we can all agree is dead and not coming back to pull the cart anytime soon. These pickups sell for less than Read More →