And out come the Ducks

Duck vs the Madman Part 2 At 17,  it seemed to me that the solution to all my problems was to change my attitude and the way I looked at things… That in itself I suppose is a pretty mature thing to occur to a 17 year old… Trouble was I discovered that drugs would do this with little Read More →

Doctors are not right in the head

 Prologue: There had been this 1965 Volkswagen sitting in the shop for a couple of months… The Boss was supposed to be working on it and as is his custom he was lagging.  It was typical Wednesday at the hellhole but I was very exited because it looked like the nasty bug was well on it’s way to being done and Read More →

Duck vs The Madman

… And a madman  Duck vs The Madman Between 1980 and 1984 I spent way too much time in school… My grades were exemplary, however, I had a lot of problems in school, the biggest one I think, was all the drugs I was taking… I could never get the combination right. I woke up one morning Read More →