So… L-5 S-1 disc blow out… Pain Scale 1 to 10 I suppose if you have ever wound up with an injury that required a doctors attention you’ve seen this… The stupid smiley face pain scale from 1 to 10 Well let me tell you something, Just like Dr. Seuss told us about on beyond Zebra I’m Read More →

The Village Idiot

Lot’s of things bother me… 9/11 Conspiracies World Trade Center   Clearly something isn’t right but their is too much BS to sift through… I see the conspiracy videos and a lot of interesting points come up but then the maker always tosses something in that discredits their own conspiracy theory because they are for the most part screwy people Read More →

Duck vs The Madman

… And a madman  Duck vs The Madman Between 1980 and 1984 I spent way too much time in school… My grades were exemplary, however, I had a lot of problems in school, the biggest one I think, was all the drugs I was taking… I could never get the combination right. I woke up one morning Read More →


People who used to know me in my drinking days would tell everyone I had *Tourette’s syndrome in order to keep me out of fights Grossly Inappropriate Humor   The things that make me laugh… I don’t even think they are funny in the real world…  But, in my head?  It’s a riot. What can I say… I’m deranged. Read More →