Not Right in the Head

 Honest Product Reviews So… I started reviewing products a while ago… Namely DIY Guitar kits and Stuff… Trouble is I started doing this on a professional site and now I outrank everyone for stuff that has nothing to do with business. The reason I started this was almost every product review I’ve ever read is bent Read More →


People who used to know me in my drinking days would tell everyone I had *Tourette’s syndrome in order to keep me out of fights Grossly Inappropriate Humor   The things that make me laugh… I don’t even think they are funny in the real world…  But, in my head?  It’s a riot. What can I say… I’m deranged. Read More →

Purple Burst Gibson Les Paul Standard

I’m Building an Electric Guitar… Every one should do it… As a matter of fact, how can you call yourself anyone if you haven’t built a Les Paul anyway? LES PAUL GUITAR KIT BUILD ILLUSTRATED. I bet you didn’t know this, but I am a guitar virtuoso… Well, to be honest… I can make a $4000 Read More →

Not Right in the Head

This Blog is a great example of: Yet Another Really Bad Idea. In 1991 I woke up after a particularly bad 15 year bender on Gin and other various brain rotting substances… Well that was fun (all except for the part where I was puking blood and the hallucinations). One of the first people I met after all this drinking Read More →