Ello, I must be apologizing,  is-iz Jeff… Owmight ib’ee elping you t’day? … JEFF?… Bull$h1t. Are You Wearing a Turban? About the worst thing I can think of happening is finding you have the need to call tech support, customer service or pretty much any corporate service that has been farmed out to the “3rd world”… I Read More →

Not Right in the Head Presents. Big brother gets a new phone App A film Short by Carl Whiteley I’ve got some sick friends. “HAMSTER APP” Check out what happens when big brother gets this new iPhone app…. Hamster App stars Sam Edge as  big brother and three year old Raye Collins as  little sister Read More →

Cooler Master X Dock

Building a computer specifically for digital photography post production turned out to be quite the endeavor. This took many hours of research and many more hours of testing systems and forensic analyses of the system this computer was to replace. In looking at the shortcomings of the old system and computers available “off the shelf” it became apparent that what Read More →