I hate driving in parking lots and from there I get this really bad feeling for people in general (especially Toyota Prius drivers) and from there my day goes down the drain. I was going to tell you about malnutrition but… Parking Lots Are Deadly So after the 6  M&Ms  I ate for breakfast I really Read More →

So… L-5 S-1 disc blow out… Pain Scale 1 to 10 I suppose if you have ever wound up with an injury that required a doctors attention you’ve seen this… The stupid smiley face pain scale from 1 to 10 Well let me tell you something, Just like Dr. Seuss told us about on beyond Zebra I’m Read More →

Doctors are not right in the head

 Prologue: There had been this 1965 Volkswagen sitting in the shop for a couple of months… The Boss was supposed to be working on it and as is his custom he was lagging.  It was typical Wednesday at the hellhole but I was very exited because it looked like the nasty bug was well on it’s way to being done and Read More →

Uber Stupid Dumb as a Box of Rocks

“It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction… Fiction has to make sense.” – Mark Twain And people tell me I’m not right in the head… A Quick look at the Über Stupid Day in and day out we all do stupid things… Chronic stupidity is part of the human condition I suppose. I believe this because Read More →

Earth First, We'll Strip Mine the Other Planets Later

It was just one of those things… I was driving behind a VW Micro Bus with an “Earth First” bumper sticker… I almost couldn’t breath from the exhaust fumes billowing out of the 45 year old pile of junk. Earth First… We Can Strip Mine the Other Planets Later.