News Release PAF Clone Humbucker Pickups  I’ve tried a lot of different brands and models of pickups in my guitars… Both my personal instruments and the ones I build… I dig these: All SKATTERBRANE models are based on vintage specs. I use plain enamel 42awg coil wire, German silver backing plates and covers, steel slugs Read More →

Oasis guitar humidifier product review

More of a Product WARNING than a Product Review Oasis Acoustic Guitar Humidifier      An appropriate level of  humidity is an important factor in caring for your acoustic guitar and there are many methods and products available to facilitate these conditions. The hyperbole on Oasis’s website addresses this quite eloquently… As described by Oasis on their website: Read More →

Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer Review

For the last several guitar kits and refinish jobs I’ve done I put away my spray rig and used “rattle cans”… I did this just for you. The Best Spray Can Nitro Lacquer    Nitro refers to Quick-drying solvent-based lacquers that contain nitrocellulose, a resin obtained from the nitration of cotton and other cellulostic materials, they Read More →

Vintage Guitar Building plans are as ubiquitous on the Internet as they are inaccurate.  Guitar PDF Blue Prints  I went on a hunt a while back for accurate ’59 Les Paul Blue Prints and what a nightmare that was… At any rate I eventually purchased a set and I had the opportunity to compare them to a real deal Read More →

No need to yell

We all know it… Guitar Center Sucks… GC is like the Wallmart of the music world… Corporate Amreika BS and all but this particular bit of BS really bent me out of shape. Guitar (Totally Sucks) Center So here is my story: I was in the market for a 12 string acoustic… Basically so I could make Read More →

routing for inlay with the Dremel and Precision base

Sometimes I find something that is just so cool I can’t imagine how it was that I got by without one… Dremel Router Base The Dremel Moto Tool is one of the neatest little things ever but the quality of many of Dremel’s accessories is woefully lacking… Like their router bases… They pretty much suck a$$ and Read More →

drawer assembly

  Every try to build a guitar on a shaky desk? Harbor Freight 60″ Wood Work Bench Review It’s remarkable I get away with building and repairing guitars in my lousy little apartment at all, but even more remarkable that I did it so long on a POS computer desk… So… There was this Harbor Freight Read More →

  Yeah sure, we got that!  Highest quality part! Best deal! eBay Guitar Parts from China This isn’t really a review… This is more like whipping a dead horse that I’m pretty sure we can all agree is dead and not coming back to pull the cart anytime soon. These pickups sell for less than Read More →

Les Paul 1959 top carve

  Some tools are just so cool I can’t imagine living without one… Except that these things cost a small fortune… Then I went to Harbor Freight today, and guess what. Must Have Luthier’s Tool: Laser Level If you’ve ever tried to set the neck on a guitar at the correct level and straight you will Read More →