The system isn’t actually broken, it appears f***ked up by design. At least that is my current theory because nothing at this f***ked up could happen by chance or mistake. It all took some concentrated effort. So, over the next couple of years (at least), I will be reviewing “The System.”

Ventucky County, California jail

This is not where the story begins. However, this is where I’m going to start telling it. The maze that led me to being headed to prison was/is so… just complicated. I may never be able to explain it, but I won’t let that stop me from trying. But not just yet. Honestly, I am still in a little bit of shock. Somehow, even after 4-1/2 years of being mixed up in this shit and awaiting trial, I was under the impression it was simply not possible that I could be convicted of something I didn’t do. Oh well. I’m an optimistic idiot to my core, and suppose that I will be such to my bitter end.

Part I: Jail – The Good News

The best news I have discovered so far is that the majority of people in here definitely belong here. Some people really do need to be kept separate from the general public. More good news in the same vein: most of the people that really do belong in here, never stay out there very long before coming right back. So that’s a big plus: Most of the people in jail belong in jail, and when I get out, they’ll be back very shortly.

In fact, out of the 62 guys here in this “quad” (originally designed to hold 32 guys) there are only three that, in my estimation, do not belong in jail. And of those three, only two* that I’m pretty damn sure are innocent of the crime they are in here for. (The third guy is just dumb as a brick and took the fall for someone who does actually belong here).
So that’s pretty good news! Less than six percent of the guys in here, don’t belong here. That’s acceptable, right? Right?

*One innocent guy was in here for auto theft. After five months, it was proven that the stolen car was indeed his own car. The DA finally noticed after four months that the man in the video was not the guy she had in jail. The other guy I’m 100 percent sure is innocent  is me – because I lived it.

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